Justin Bieber imagines and preferences

Dec 16

Imagine # 1 Your birthday ;)

You are dating the one and only, Justin Bieber. You have been dating for six months now and it is going very, very well. Today is your birthday and Justin was nowhere to be seen when you woke up at nine am this morning. You thought that he had forgotten your birthday, you turned on your phone and almost straight away you had a text pop up on your screen. When you open the message it shows up showing it is from your boyfriend, Justin. You immediately read the text reading “Morning babe, I didn’t want to wake you as it is a surprise! I hope you didn’t think that I had forgotten your birthday! Never in my life would I do that, I would have felt so guilty if I had forgotten your birthday!! I have left clues for you to find to try and find me and your birthday surprise!!!! Hurry and get finding. P.S I love you more than anything xxxxxxxxx”. As soon as you saw this message you didn’t bother texting back as that would waste you time of trying to find this surprise Justin as organised. You quickly jump out of bed and throw on some hot pants and and top and you were grabbing your sandals to wear. After getting dressed you put your hair up in a messy bun and then started to search your apartment for clues Justin had left. As you searched you realized that surely there wasn’t any here but as you were putting the washing in the washing machine before you left to search the town, you found a not stuck in the washing machine reading “Hey babe, just me. You have found clue one now find the rest to lead to the best! Just up to the town and along the tunnel you will find something to pummel” You grabbed your keys and your pone and rushed out of your door, down the stairs and along the corridor before arriving outside in the open. You did’t really look the part to be with a celebrity but you didn’t really care. You started walking down the high street towards town, turned right down a tunnel which was formed under a bridge. You knew at the end of the bridge was a boxing gym. As you walked inside, all of the men turned and look at you as you casually walked up to one of the men punching a sand bag and asked if he had seen a note anywhere. He just looked up at you and pointed at the wall not saying a word to you as you started searching the wall. You finally see the note now written on pink paper which made it easier to find against the plain white walls of they gym. After reading it Justin had said to go somewhere which was right in the middle of town. You got sick of playing hide and seek and just decided to text him saying you just wanted to know where he was as it was starting to get dark. Immediately you get a reply from Justin saying that he is in your favorite place where you love to go. Then it hit you, all along he has been in the park by the lake where you had your first date with him. Quickly you started making your way towards the park and lake and saw an orange glow in the park above the four trees you and Justin had lead that night, your first date where you stared at the stars and watched the moon reflect the lake, such a beautiful night it was. As you got closer and closer to the glow you realize it is in fact fairy lights wrapped around the four trees. It was so beautiful. As i got to the edge of the four trees two muscular arms wrap around your waist and then you hear a whisper in your ear from you one and only Justin.

"I wanted your birthday to be special for you (Y/N)" His voice sent chills down your spine.

"I don’t know what to say Justin!" You replied

"I will have dinner with you?" He mimicked you joking around.

He grabbed your hand and lead you to the table, pulled your chair and then pushed you under the table and then a waiter and waitress appeared and brought you two your food on silver platters. When the food arived you both had a joke and a laugh with eachother. After eating your meal with Justin you went back to your apartment and watched a movie snuggled up on the sofa with Justin and ended up falling asleep in each others arms. That was the best birthday present and birthday  you have ever had. You couldn’t wait till next years!

Nov 22

Me and Sophie <3

Me and Sophie are doing  Justin Bieber imagines and stuff…..please ask for some things :P